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What Kind Of Body Product Are You?

May 16, 2016

We know you've been dying to find out... click "LET'S GO" below! And, now that you know... get yourself some product!

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Earth Day Tips - Go Green!

April 19, 2016

Bring your bags! No, we're not talking about the ones under your eyes. We don't recommend flaunting those. Re-useable canvas bags are awesome. Not only are they washable, they won't split down the middle when the corner of your milk carton snags the bag. Create a compost bin. Cut down on garbage that ends up in the landfill and brew up some great gardening soil at the same time. Wash your clothes in cold water. Don't tell my husband, but I've been washing our clothes in cold water since I, well... since I started washing clothes. And, guess what. It works! I save the hot water for those middle-of-the-night barfing incidents. Walk or ride your bike. Get sweaty. We dare you. We can help you...

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