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We believe in formulating simple choices. 
Everything we do is slathered in simple from our minimalist packaging to our modest ingredient lists. 
Life is complicated enough, yes? Why add to the chaos.

Yours in simplification, Heidi & Pete.

Notable News

He Kept His Old Green Soap. Why? Genius.

October 12, 2015

It didn't take much. A snif, a little lather... then WHAM BAM! My husband and partner in crime, Pete, was hooked. Hooked on wood. Minnesota Wood. Immediately after his first enlightening and mind-expanding shower I was instructed to "never stop making that s*@$&." He promptly retrieved his warehouse-sized stash of green soap bars (otherwise known as "detergent bars" per the FDA - YUCK!) and threw them in the back of the closet. But, don't fret. We are all about recycling and upcycling here at Dirty Knees. Here are a few uses for those "other" soap bars.  Door jam. Simply open any swinging door to your desired angle of openness and gently place the soap bar on the floor directly in front of the open...

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5 Lotion Life Hacks

October 01, 2015

I used to spend an hour on my hair in the morning (it was the 80s - ratting hair was essential.) And never, NO NEVER would I wear the same outfit twice in a two-week period. My "clothes calendar" made sure of that. Let's just say, I was a little high maintenance. Oh, how things have changed. Ratting is now the practice of... well... getting rid of rats (not that we have any.) Outfits? Hell, I wear uniforms now - Target boyfriend t-shirts and jeans. I've got two kids, a husband, and a dog. Nothing fancy schmancy required. That's not to say that a single pair of pink lace undies won't make an occasional appearance because... well, you know. My house used to be plum full of cleaning...

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